Valentines Day is not for me.

Your Mom’s Imaginary Blog #1

Tonight Eric tried to watch a pornographic film on netflix with his friends. First, they googled top the dirty films on netflix. But to no avail. They’ve all been taken off of streaming. Caligula is still there, but they took out the midget scene. I still remember how Eric wrote a paper on Caligula in high school. He claimed it was the one that Albert Camus wrote, but I still think he watched the porn one. Then they decided to help their friend get laid because her number is too low. I guess it is 2014 after all. Back in my day one’s number was kept between oneself and one’s lord. I think they should’ve stuck with their original plan of watching a pornographic film. 

Angel Olsen will be playing in Denver in March. I’m looking forward to that.

Sometimes you wake up on a Saturday morning and you don’t feel terrible! Then you make a song! That’s what I did today! Listen to it! It’s pretty fun!

I very much like this! You can hear her going more experimental. Looking forward to this album. It reminds me of this Captain Beefheart song too.

Not the vocals though.  

Just woke up and made this song.

Makes me think of Blue Valentine. Also, makes me cry for no apparent reason. There’s something about a song being able to save someone you love. A rush from the idea that an entire culture would accept this notion and EXPECT you to sing to save someone. I want to be part of that. 

Live from my couch, another Elliott Smith cover! Alphabet Town

Is there room for humanity in our ever increasingly technological times?
How calculated is human connection?
How different are we from our digital selves?
Is love actually lost?
Your guess is as good as mine.